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$64 Million in DOL Grants to Union Training Programs

Monday, March 8, 2010

From the January-February 2010 issue of the AFL-CIO's Label Letter:

As 2010 began, the Department of Labor awarded $64 million worth of grants to 15 labor organizations to conduct training programs as part of the Obama Administration stimulus program.  DOL grants to nine community-based organizations and public-private partnerships accounted for the remaining $36 million.

Six of the 15 grants went to building trades apprenticeship programs run by joint labor-management committees of the Sheet Metal Workers, the IBEW, the Iron Workers and Laborers International.  Other union-run or union-affiliated organizations receiving grants included units of the UAW, the Service Employees International Union, Utility Workers, Amalgamated Transit Union and CWA.  The Blue Green Alliance, an initiative involving USW, CWA, SEIU, LIUNA, Utility Workers, the AFT and the ATU, received a $5 million grant.

Funds from these programs are variously targeted for training disadvantaged workers in high unemployment areas, veterans, women, minorities, ex-offenders and young workers.

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