2002 Marshall M. Hicks Memorial Scholarship recipients

At the May 3-4, 2002 Council Meeting was the annual announcement of the Marshall M. Hicks Memorial Scholarship recipients. This year's recipients were Patrick Rinckey, son of Suzanne and Russell Rinckey (Local 347-Traverse City); and Tracy VanAlst, daughter of Charlene and Lambert VanAlst (Local 119-Flint).

The Council wishes to congratulate them on their achievements so far, and wish them well in the future.

Tracy VanAlst
Patrick Rinckey
Russell (Local 347-Traverse City) and Suzanne Rinckey with their son Patrick
Patrick Rinckey is congratulated by National Secretary-Treasurer Gary Ruffner
Lambert VanAlst (Local 119-Flint/Howell) accepts
the scholarship for his daughter Tracy.
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