2003 Marshall M. Hicks Memorial Scholarship recipients

At the May 2, 2003 Council Meeting was the annual announcement of the Marshall M. Hicks Memorial Scholarship recipients. This year's recipients were Matthew L. Plaska, son of Michael (Local 107-Grand Rapids) and Sharon Plaska; and Jennifer K. Clayton, daughter of Randall (Local 154-Cadillac) and Kimberley Clayton.

The Council wishes to congratulate them on their achievements so far, and wish them well in the future.

Photos from the May 2003 Council Meeting:
From left to right: Kimberley Clayton, Randall Clayton (Local 154-Cadillac), and 2003 Hicks Scholarship recipient Jennifer Clayton
From left to right: 2003 Hicks Scholarship recipient Matthew Plaska, Sharon Plaska, and Michael Plaska (Local 107-Grand Rapids)
The scholarship recipients and their proud parents

Matthew L. Plaska
Jennifer K. Clayton
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