1998 Marshall M. Hicks Memorial Scholarship recipients

Utility Workers Council and National Union honor Marge Hicks and the Memory of deceased UWUA President Marshall Hicks with the presentation of the first two scholarships of the Marshall M. Hicks Memorial Scholarship Program

Marge Hicks, two steps taller than UWUA Vice President Keller in this picture
Marshall M. Hicks Scholarship Recipients
Julie Mapes
Michelle Kreusel

Gary & Sue Kreusel accepting Scholarship from Marge Hicks on behalf of their daughter Michelle who was out of state in Texas
Keith Mapes, Susan, Julie Mapes (scholarship winner) receiving scholarship from Marge Hicks

State Council President Gary Ruffner introduced the delegates to the family members of deceased President Marshall Hicks in the first scholarships awarded under the Marshall M. Hicks Memorial Scholarship Program. Ruffner recognized the great leadership of Marshall Hicks as Council President and as President of the Utility Workers Union of America. Ruffner recognized Marge Hicks as a major part in the success of her husband and that Marshall Hicks could not have been the great leader that he was without her and the family. Ruffner recognized the dual role of Marshall Hicks and the two families that he had and that being Marge and the kids and his Union family. It was Marshall Hicks' dedication to both families which was important to recognize, because without his leadership, our Union families would not the good wages and benefits they have to provide for those families. Ruffner praised the Scholarship winners and the parents of those fine students. Ruffner recognized and thanked Marge for the sacrifices they made as a family when Marshall was traveling and gone for the benefit of our Union family.

UWUA Vice President Jim Keller expressed the thoughts of UWUA President Donald Wightman and his regrets that he couldn't attend. Vice President Keller also conveyed his fondest thoughts of Marshall and Marge and what an honor it was to be there to congratulate the scholarship winners and their parents.

Julie Mapes read her scholarship winning essay and thanked the Council and the Hicks family for the Scholarship. A video tape of Michelle Kreusel was played in which she thanked the Council and the Hicks family for the scholarship and read her scholarship winning essay.

The Kreusel and Mapes Families wanted us to express their thanks to the delegates and members of the State Council for honoring their daughters with these Scholarships. Both families expressed their appreciation to Marge Hicks and the family.

For information on the 2002 Marshall M. Hicks Memorial Scholarship Program http://www.msuwc.org/past-scholarship-winners
Council web site http://www.msuwc.org